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Rangoon Colonial Club Restaurant, Crows Nest

July 25, 2014

The team has significantly downsized of late and proving difficult to co-ordinate the diaries of the Executive members, hence the hiatus in curry consumption. Anyway on with the pith helmets and off to a favorite from pre-blog way back, the Rangoon Colonial Club Restaurant, Crows Nest.

PS: We are now open for membership. Drop us a line if interested.


Ahhh its good to be back ….Welcome to the era of the British Raj. A step into this place transforms the world around you. You are presented with the luxuriant surroundings and cuisine pleasures enjoyed by the Royals during the British Raj.The golden aesthetics of the environment, the hush of the palm trees and lull of the contextual melody plunge you into a realm of dining ecstasy………..  I tried to explain the merits of British Colonial rule to my companions, all to no avail.

Friendly, efficient and attentive. Altogether pleasant. Food served efficiently and promptly on this early Friday evening.

Mixed platter entree to start – lovely.The Guru’s  rate this as the best place for Goat Curry so two Sultan’s Goat Curries are ordered along with Daal Makhini  and a rather overly-sweet Prawn Malibu (its the closest thing to butter chicken I can get away with). Lashings of Roti (graciously supplied with no-butter). The Goat and Daal both superb. Desert to finish – Fig Kulfi from memory?. Nice.

BYO as always despite a fairly impressive in-house selection.
2010 Torbreck The Steading GSM
2008 Bloodwood Cabernet Sauvignon.
both superb…

Standard / good at around $55 per head for three courses

Overall Score

Great surroundings, Great Food, Great Company. What more could you ask for? (apart from Butter Chicken)


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